Boom Truck Zoomlion
Properties  50 t
Quantity 1
PCA Power PY-17 кw
Quantity 1
Properties 17 kw
Welding Machine ADD-2*2502
Quantity 1
Properties 500А
PCA Power PYD-20
Quantity 2
Properties 20 kw
Bauer BG 25
Quantity 6
Properties 90 t
Teksan TJ560DW5A
Quantity 1
Properties 330 kw
Merlo P 30
Quantity 1
Properties 3000 kg, lift height 11 m
Firman KD 477
Quantity 2
Properties 300 kw
Loader Monitou MVT 1330 SL
Quantity 1
Properties 3000 kg, lift height 13 m
CDMO 600 kW
Quantity 2
Properties 600 kw
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